Despite home office we don't want you to miss out great coffee. That's why we decided to send you fresh roasted coffee to your doorstep. Coffee Annan focuses on producing countries in Africa and established personal relationships with farmers and corporates. What makes them unique is the collaboration with local coffee roasters. Roasting coffee in their countries of origin leaves more value in producing countries. We are glad to support Coffee Annan's initiatiative that brings you fair coffee. 

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Direct Trade & Roast

Carbon Neutral 

We only source the very best beans. All our coffees are graded specialty coffees and belong to the 1-2% of the best coffees in the world. 

Our beans are traded directly. Besides, our coffees are roasted in the country of origin to keep value creation in producing countries. 

In every coffee country where we operate, we support a tree project. In Ethiopia, we work with Menschen für Menschen. 

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The Countries of Origin. 

Although, coffee is the most traded agricultural product in the world, 90 % of the producing countries are still dependent on financial aid.

The main reason is that money is made outside the producing countries. Coffee is exported as a raw material and is roasted in consuming countries. 

Keeping the value creation in the producing countries is crucial to develop sustainable economies in the coffee countries. 

Direct Trade.

We believe in sustainable and equitable value chains.

Our work starts at the farm. We have visited the farmers and built personal relationships.

We only source specialty-graded coffee. Since their high quality and distinct flavors we are able to pay higher prices.

Through direct trade without middle men, money reaches the farmers.

Our purchase price for green coffee: 6.50 $ - 7.50 $ per kilogram. 

Roasting at Origin. 

Since our roasters speak the local languages, we can reach the farmers, give them feedback and develop high quality coffees. 

Our purchase price for roasted coffee is 10.00 $ per kilogram. Packaging materials are not included and are paid extra. Transport is done by African logistic companies. Thus, the price remaining in the country of origin, e.g. Ethiopia, rangs between 12.21 $ - 13.21 $ per kilogram. 

With Menschen für Menschen we plant trees in the Fogera region, having an impact on 32000 family members. 


Enjoying the best brew is an interplay between good soil, sustainable farming, experience in roasting and brewing technique.

To get the most out of our coffees, we work with national barista champions to develop exceptional products.

At the moment Vojtěch Růžička , Czech Barista Champion and World-Barista Championship semi-finalist is developing the roasting profile with Mathias. Our specialty coffee roaster in Kigali, Rwanda.