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Fresh from Ethiopia with IMPACT! Your COFFEE ANNAN will be conveniently delivered to your home every month. It's that easy to become part of the ROASTED-AT-ORIGIN movement and help create jobs and support coffee farmers in Ethiopia.


100% Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, organically farmed.


Free shipping to Germany and Switzerland

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Silvan Groher
hammer geiler geschmack

und ein tolles projekt


Super lecker. Mein erster specialty Kaffee. Hat mich überzeugt :)

Sophia B.
Sehr leckere Bestellung!

Wie versprochen, ist das frisch geröstete Aroma schon beim Öffnen der Kaffee-Verpackungen zu spüren. Und der Geschmack beider Kaffees hat mich sehr überzeugt!! Welcher mein Favorit ist, ist schwer zu sagen... aber der Limu liegt mir bereits sehr am Herzen 😍 Die Bestellung lief super schnell und einfach. Ich empfehle es auf jeden Fall weiter!!

<transcy>BEHIND THE SCENES</transcy>

  • <transcy>DIRECT TRADE</transcy>

    Trade without intermediaries. This is how we ensure that the money reaches the farmers and that we get the best beans.

  • <transcy>GENTLE DRUM ROASTING</transcy>

    This is how we develop balanced coffees with appealing notes.

  • <transcy>REFORESTATION IN ETHIOPIA</transcy>

    We offset our carbon footprint by planting trees with Menschen für Menschen.

    Jeden Monat frisch geröstet.

    Wir rösten unsere Kaffees jeden zweiten Donnerstag/Freitag im Monat. Danach senden wir Dir Deinen Kaffee bequem an die Haustür.

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    1. We find the best coffee for you

    All coffees are selected specialty coffees. This means that our coffees are of a special quality. Due to the high quality, such coffees achieve higher prices on the market and we can therefore pay the farmers more. As a rule, we pay 2.5 times the FairTrade price. Our coffees are also handpicked and grown according to organic standards. Direct relationships between farmers and the roastery ensure that money really does reach the start of the value chain.

    2. Roasting in Africa

    Almost all coffees in the world leave the producing countries as raw material. Value creation in the form of roasting and packaging usually takes place in the country of consumption. Direct trading and roasting in the country of origin increases the money that stays in the country of origin by 300-400% compared to the FairTrade price. Money that the communities in Africa need to prosper. Today, 90% of the coffee countries are still dependent on third-party funds.

    3. Crowdshipping

    Collective shipping is at the heart of Coffee Annan. Only together we can break up dusty supply chains. With a subscription, we can plan better and coordinate our coffee purchases. In this way we can guarantee fair prices for farmers and for you.

    4. Your Impact

    Thanks to you: More added value in the growing countries, more recognition, more freedom and more independence for Africa.
    You liberate the coffee countries from colonial (supply) chains. You support climate projects by Menschen für Menschen in Ethiopia and make the cultivation, roasting, transport routes and shipping to your home climate-neutral.

    <transcy>Espresso Roast</transcy>

    Jimma from southwest Ethiopia is our first dark roasted coffee. Expect a great mouthfeel and a sweet long-lasting aftertaste.

    Notes: chocolate, berries, wine.

    <transcy>To the Subscription</transcy>

    <transcy>Filter Roast</transcy>

    It all started with Limu. Our first coffee ever and therefore always very special for us. Limu comes from the southwest of Ethiopia and impresses with floral and fruity notes. We recommend Limu for Filter, Aeropress, Frenchpress, and Bialetti.

    Notes: bergamot, peach, jasmine tea

    <transcy>To the Subscription</transcy>

    <transcy>STILL NOT SURE?</transcy>

    Test our coffees without obligation and see the Origin Roast for yourself.