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Nespresso* compatible

<transcy>Wood Capsule</transcy>

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100% bio-based capsule. No microplastics. No aluminum.

Our coffee originates from the highlands of Ethiopia and was naturally processed. The coffee was gently roasted in the drum. The result is a perfectly balanced coffee without bitterness and with notes of chocolate, blackberry and apricot.

*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.


A box contains 20 capsules

Shipping Terms

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Austria (DPD): 6.90 € (free shipping from 49.00 €)

Switzerland (Swiss Post): 7.00 CHF (free shipping from 49.00 CHF)

Material Properties

The coffee capsule consists of natural wood fibers and the polylactide PLA, which is made from renewable raw materials.

No tree needs to be felled to produce the wood fibers. Only wood leftovers from the wood industry are used. These come from sustainable forestry and are not chemically processed.


Our coffee capsule is 100% organic and can be completely returned to nature after use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leckerer Kaffee, tolle Verpackung

Endlich Euer Kaffee auch in Kapseln - mega lecker & funktioniert in meinen beiden Kapselmaschinen super. Weiter so, ich freue mich auf weitere Sorten.

Sophia B.
A coffee experience of another level!

What a great experience to drink such a good Ethiopian coffee while being sustainably responsible! I loved those wood capsules, they are very authentic, and everyone who tried them with me agrees that they taste better than normal Nespresso ones!

Natalie Jeanneret
Guter Kaffee, schlechte Verpackung

Ich mag den Ethiopian Kaffee sehr gerne - wenn es meine Kaffeemadenn schafft, die Kapsel zu öffnen und Wasser durchzupressen.

Danke Natalie für deine ehrliche Antwort. Wir haben eigenltich gute Erfahrungen gemacht mit den meisten Maschinen. Schreib uns doch auf welches Modell du benutzt. Vielleicht können wir dir helfen. LG, Tim

<transcy>Frequently Asked Questions</transcy>

Does the capsule work for all Nespresso machines?

Our capsule is compatible with all Nespresso® machines manufactured after 2012. We do not recommend using it in older machines.

In the Citiz & Essenza Mini models, you may have to press a little harder. Tip: Press here with your palm.

How does your capsule differ from other "compostable" capsules?

Our capsule decomposes naturally and can be put in the domestic compost.

Therefore, our capsule differs from most providers.

You can often find the description in the small print: "industrially compostable". This means that the material can only be decomposed in industrial plants using high energies. Products that are labeled as industrially compostable cannot be decomposed in domestic compost.

Why isn't your coffee bitter?

We focus on specialty coffees and want to highlight the natural aromas of the coffee cherry. That's why we give the coffee enough time during roasting to develop its aroma profile. We therefore roast our coffees a little lighter compared to conventional industrial coffees. We also roast longer and at lower temperatures. The result is a medium-bodied coffee with fruity chocolate notes and little bitterness.

Are you fair trade?

Even better. We follow a direct trade model. This means we rely on personal relationships and regularly visit the farms and farmer cooperatives from which we buy coffee. This allows us to ensure that the money actually reaches the producers

Warum röstet ihr im Anbauland?

We want to bring you the best and fairest coffee. For us, fairness means that we help producers to carry out value-adding steps (e.g. roasting and packaging) in the country of origin. This increases the value that remains in the growing country by up to 400% compared to the guaranteed fair trade price.

<transcy>WE ARE ANNAN.</transcy>

Specialty coffees. Roasted in the countries of origin.

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